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One man's quest for a quieter more responsive arcade button



Milkshark over at the Shoryuken forums has started a project to create a brand new type of arcade button, with quietness and quick reactions in mind he has created an indiegogo project and hopes to raise $8000 in funding to make his dream a reality. So if you're into arcade setups and are interested in supporting new development this is a great place to start!.

UberNES 2010 (02/03/2010) Released


UberNES 2010 (02/03/2010) is released. UberNES is a free NES emulator for Windows written by M \ K Productions. UberNES aims to provide fast, accurate NES emulation using a novel design that contains many features never seen before in videogame emulators.

TonesynthDS v0.24 a virtual synth/sequencer for NDS Released


Bored on the train? Want to try something a little different check out this synth/sequencer for the NDS, you'll need a handy flash cart to try it out but it's probably worth a look, changelog below, download at the original site at the bottom down there..

TonesynthDS v0.24 Changelog: wrote:
  • Copy, paste (and clear) for every editor type.

ScummVM v1.0.0 a Multi Platform Emulator for Multiple platforms Released


v1 of this excellent emualtor has finally been released, it's available for more platforms then you can shake a stick at including Jailbroken iPhones and WinCE devices. Grab your Monkey Island gamepacks and have at it Grin, downloads at the homepage.

ScummVM v1.0.0 changelog wrote:
- Fixed crash after OmniTV video is played in The Feeble Files
- Fixed crashes when exploring Jack the Ripper scene in the PC version of
the Waxworks
- Fixed palette glitches in the AtariST version of Elvira 2

FireNes v1.3 a NES emulator for JAVA Released


This is very cool a browser bases NES emulator, cross platform of course.

New version! The 1.3
Submitted by FaCuZ on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 22:54.

Recien subi to the server, so we have to update them automatically. In reality, the list had few months ago, but I was always postponing its publication for several reasons, some for lack of time a little for vagrancy. Take this opportunity to thank-Zone for their financial support, which is going to help me pay for another 2 years of hosting the games.

MAME Plus! v0.135 r4467 a Multi Arcade emulator for Windows released


MAME Plus! v0.135 r4467 has been released. Check out the really small changelog below, downloads at the source. Smile

MAME Plus! v0.135 r4467 Changelog: wrote:
extended adjustable range of refresh rate

Dolphin SVN r4577 a Wii and GC emulator for Windows Released


I don't usually do SVN updates but it seems there isn't much else for Dolphin and it's such an impressive emulator it's worth posting up here. Dolphin is a Wii and GC emulator for windows that's capable of playing commercial games.

Dolphin SVN changelog wrote:
Consolidated duplicate code into new function EmulateAnalogStick(...), and make diagonal scaling value consistent.
Remove info window from Dolphin since most people do not use it or didn't even know it exists.
Plus many people think its useless Tongue

FinalBurn Alpha Rerecording v0.0.4 an Arcade Emulator for windows Released


Great emulator this, FBA is an Arcade emulator for Windows Gasp .

FinalBurn Alpha Rerecording v0.0.4 Changelog wrote:
  • Updated core to FB Alpha v0.2.97.07.
  • Added Lua scripting.
  • Added RAM Search of FBA Shuffle (which unfortunately just crashes in most games).
  • Added the old RAM Watch of PCSX-RR.
  • Added many new hotkeys and better handling of them.
  • Some minor fixes and changes here and there.

PSPKVM v0.5.5 Test 3 a JavaME emulator for the sony PSP Released


No idea what this emulator does really check the changelog and homepage for a bit more info.

PSPKVM v0.5.5 Test 3 Changelog]
- MP3 support adds seeking support, time display, wider compatibility with varied stream formats, support for ID3 V2 tags.
- Made forms (includes AMS), lists (includes wifi selector) and menus 'loop' top to bottom/bottom to top when scrolling past the end; much of this is merged MR4 code.

AmpShell v1.1.0.0 a DOSBox front-end for Windows and Linux Released


AmpShell is a DOSBox front-end for Windows and GNU/Linux Written in C# so requires mono for Linux support

AmpShell v1.1.0.0 Changelog wrote:
- Ability to set an user icon for all games (can be reseted to the default one)
- New view modes for all categories (Large icon, Small icon, Tile, List, Details)
-Added icons on controls everywhere (sexy!), changed a few other icons.
- Added a whole lot more of preferences :
-Default directory to open when looking for games
-Default directory to open when looking for CD images
-Categories can be rearranged, and even sorted by name